Saltwater Pools

Are saltwater pools better than traditional chemical chlorine swimming pool systems? The swimming pool experts at Allstar have the answers when advising our customers on whether a saltwater swimming pool would be the best choice as the crowning jewel for their backyard retreat.

Advantages of Saltwater Pools

Chlorine and saltwater swimming pool systems both use chlorine to sanitize the water, but they differ in how the chlorine is added to the pool. Here’s what you need to know about the saltwater vs chlorine pool question.

an inground saltwater pool in a wooded backyard

Chlorine Swimming Pool System:

In a traditional chlorine pool system, chlorine is typically added manually in the form of liquid chlorine, chlorine tablets, or granular chlorine.

The pool owner or maintenance personnel must regularly test the water and add chlorine as needed to maintain proper levels of sanitation.

This system requires ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure the chlorine levels remain within the recommended range for safe swimming.

Saltwater Swimming Pool System:

In a saltwater pool system, chlorine is generated through a process called electrolysis.

A salt chlorine generator (also known as a saltwater chlorinator) is installed in the saltwater pool's filtration system. This generator uses electricity to convert the salt (sodium chloride) added to the pool water into chlorine gas.

As the pool water passes through the generator, the chlorine is released, sanitizing the water.

Saltwater pools still contain chlorine, but they typically have lower levels compared to traditional chlorine pools. The chlorine is produced continuously, providing a more consistent level of sanitation.

Saltwater pools are often perceived as having gentler water that is easier on the skin and eyes compared to traditional chlorine pools.

While saltwater pool systems require less manual addition of chlorine, they still require monitoring of salt levels and occasional adjustments to the generator settings.

In summary, while both chlorine and saltwater pool systems use chlorine to sanitize the water, the method of chlorine delivery and maintenance differ between the two systems.

A Healthier Choice

Saltwater pools are lauded for their health benefits. With lower chlorine levels than traditional pools, swimmers can say goodbye to itchy skin and red eyes. The saltwater is also gentler on the skin and hair, making it an excellent option for those with sensitivities.


Reduced chemical usage makes fiberglass saltwater pools a friendlier choice for the environment. Besides, the non-porous surface means less filtration is needed, lowering energy consumption.

Take The Plunge

Allstar Pools is dedicated to providing the very best swimming pools to our clients. In that vein, we have made the decision to install only saltwater pool systems. We stand by that decision. Whether the priority lies in health benefits, maintenance ease, or longevity, fiberglass saltwater pools have proven themselves to be the very best choice for providing a perfect swimming pool experience in your backyard.

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