Free-Form Pools

Our free-form fiberglass pools are designed to complement the curves and contours of a natural landscape. With no rigid lines or defined corners, free-form pool designs create a more organic in-ground water feature, more in harmony with the natural world.

Free-form pool shapes achieve this by breaking away from conventional geometric pool shapes with asymmetrical lines to create a softer, more natural look while complementing the existing elements in your backyard.

A free-form pool design can integrate beautifully into any landscape. Whether your space echoes the rolling hills of the countryside or the lush foliage of a tropical paradise, a free-form pool feels like it has always belonged there.

Turn your outdoor area into a serene sanctuary where every moment is a vacation. Imagine sun-drenched afternoons by the poolside, the sound of water cascading gently in the background, and the tranquility of a space that's all your own.

billabong cove free-form fiberglass pool in evening sky color